Comet 46P/WirtanenAstronomy
Found it last night from Harrys under a bad quarter moon. I dont think its naked eye except under the best conditions just a faint smudge in the 6in scope.

Spore and slownessComputer/Web pages, Games
Fixed the spore pages.

Performance on the site has been very slow recently. Tracked it down to the menu option up in the corner. Removed it from all pages for now.

Sold a full bucket of honeyBeekeeping
Going to put a dent in the available honey come next spring but also it wont be sitting in the house.

Polka Dot Wasp MothPhotos

Recent Amber GamesAmber
Massive updates in the last year to the DragonCon Amber game I play in Children of the Blood. All the info is in the wiki which I now host.

Starting a 4 session amber game in a few weeks. 9 Disney Princesses in Amber. Ok so it looks like it will only be 5 but I made 9 pregen characters. Currently everything is locked off so the players can't go read it. I will open it later, its under the Fables Wiki

The Dakota War of 1862Books
by Kenneth Carley
History: 102 pages

The Dakota War happened during the Civil War. Its a great example of just how out manned the Natives were. Units from Minnesota alone ended the war and it didnt effect the ongoing Civil War.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

The Fall of GondolinBooks
by J.R.R. Tolkien
Fantasy: 304 pages

Tolkiens son promises this will be his fathers last book, mainly because the son is around 90 and will die soon himself. Several versions of the story and notes on how it developed over the years.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

Roadside Geology of FloridaBooks
by Johnathan R. Bryan
Science: 376 pages

Rocks of Florida. Mostly limestones and where to find them if the quarries will let you in.

Rating: 4 (out of 8)

Atlas V launchAstronomy
Was able to see the Atlas V launch from the house. It cleared the trees, then vanished for a few seconds behind clouds then reappeared and moved into Orion before curving lower and vanishing behind the trees again.

Server upgradeComputer/Web pages
Upgraded server to Ubuntu 18. Likely everything is broken. Already found php wasnt running right.

SASL for postfix /dovecout/roundcube is broken. Fixed with this guide