The year that the caterpillars were everywhere.

Swarm #4Beekeeping
Swarm #4 is up in one of the trees abt 15ft high. Got a rope over the branch and shook it but they fall to about 5ft then fly back up before they land in a box. Cant get with the bucket on a pole. Got the 13ft ladder out and cut the limb, only did a part of it because the constant winds made it unsafe. Pulled the rest of the limb down with the rope, only to have the bees relocate to another limb 10ft higher up. Giving up.

The next day the swarm moved into the bait hive in the next tree over. Will give them a day or so to settle before transferring them to a box.

Covid vaccineMain Page
Got my first vaccine. The process is a mess. There is no reason for half an hour of waiting in line and processing paper work to give people a shot that everyone has to have eventually.

2nd & third swarmsBeekeeping
Both in the orange tree again. Second on was on the same limb, its safely been caught and moved. The third one was pretty big and on the inside apiary side of the orange tree. Dropped it in a box and promptly watched the whole thing take off and fly away. Lost track of it over the street headed NW.

Falling FreeBooks

Falling Free by Louis McMaster Bujold.
Sci-Fi: Space Opera: 307 pages.
Volume 14 in the series Vorkorsigan.

Probably the worst of the series. No Miles, no Ivan just some people hundreds of years before setting up parts for later stories. A company has produced an alternative human species for use in free fall with 4 arms and no legs. Then eventually more than half way through the book decides to eliminate them and the actual story starts. Characters are dislikable.

Rating: 4 (out of 8)

queen rearing off badlyBeekeeping
Forgot to uncage the queen yesterday. Did it tonight, she was dead. No idea why workers in the frame so it wasnt that they couldnt get to her. That will set things back 3 days already. Might try grafting by hand tomarrow.

1st SwarmBeekeeping
Went out yesterday to remove the apiguard and setup the Jenter set for queen rearing and splits next week. Bees are in a hurry. Swarm sitting in the designated location on the orange tree. Went ahead and split everything.


Cetaganda by Louis McMaster Bujold.
Sci-Fi: Space Opera: 302 pages.
Volume 5 in the series Vorkorsigan.

Miles goes to the home planet of Barrayars enemy for a state funeral and gets involved in a conspiracy to overthrow that enemys government.

Rating: 6 (out of 8)

Cordelias HonorBooks

Cordelias Honor by Louis McMaster Bujold.
Sci-Fi: Space Opera: 596 pages.
Volume 3 in the series Vorkorsigan.

This is Cordelias story from her meeting with Aral to Miles birth.

Rating: 6 (out of 8)

last years booksBooks
Finally entered all last years books. Im surprised its only 58 considering I read or reread several whole series and felt like I did a lot of reading because of Covid.