Mayhaws and peachPlants
[08-Apr-2014] The two newer Mayhaws finally leafed out. Thought they were dead because it took so long. They were after the grapes. The peach tree still has no leaves Im pretty sure it is dead. Sugar cane isnt looking good either no sign of sprouting. Peppers and tomatoes and potatoes are out. There will be apples this year.

There are strawberriesPlants
[04-Apr-2014] Went to clean some of the weeds out of the strawberry beds and there are nice large ripe strawberries in them. I didnt replant them after last year so wasnt paying any attention to them and didnt expect that. Guess I need to check them regularly for a few weeks now.

New QueensBeekeeping
[27-Mar-2014] Checked on the new queens Gibson helped me install last night. 2 had to be released. The one in Red Lozenge was already free, checked to make sure she was running around. Red Lozenge may be ready for a full hive body soon. There has been lots of attempts at robbing on Blue Triangle over the last week. Put a robbing screen on it and closed it up to the smallest top entrance. No similar signs at Red Lozenge however.

Like a Mighty ArmyBooks

Like a Mighty Army by David Weber.
Sci-Fi: Military: 672 pages.
Volume 7 in the series Safehold.

Almost all land combat. Charis armies beat up on the Temple armies all over Siddarmark, mainly be having better tech and cheating with things like remote sensors in a early industrial war setting.

There are too many names. When there are almost 100 pages at the end just listing characters and glossary its too many people to keep track of. We only need a few dozen characters not hundreds.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

Garden and housePlants, House, Beekeeping
[24-Mar-2014] Put the tomatoes and peppers out in the garden. Potatoes have sprouted. Blueberries are flowering (mostly). Got the seedling shelf out of the living room. Still have 4 unplated tomaotes, no room for them. Fixed the problem where the dishwasher wasnt bolted to the counter (it tipped forward), didnt need the furring strip. God rid of the smell from the fridge but not the freezer is dripping onto the shelf in the fridge part. Replaced the regulator on the grill, it wasnt working at all. Repaired the solar wax melter. Part of it was warping and sagging. Put some braces on it and glued it. Touched up the paint.

Still being pounded onComputer/Web pages
[24-Mar-2014] Been having problems getting from home to the server. Looked into it and found out its because iptables was overloaded. So many sites have been added to the deny list it ran out of memory. Had to change things again. Its just not working to deny only certain countries and the US list is too big to only allow it.

The MartianBooks
[22-Mar-2014] by Weir Andy
Sci-fi: 369 pages

On the third expedition to Mars a man gets left behind and has to survive for over a year as a rescue attempt is made. Lots of potatoes are eaten. He does survive one to many accidents but its very good.

Rating: 6 (out of 8)

Out apiary and othersPhotos, Beekeeping
[19-Mar-2014] Photos of the apiary out in Capitola and some other misc bee related photos. Some may be duplicates but Im cleaning up folders. The apiary is moved a little from last year, its more out of the way. Put up some cattle fencing around it.
Some photos from bees on basil from Fall, the bee loss from the weekend I went to bee college (they starved in the cold and rain).

Yearly house photosPhotos, House
[19-Mar-2014] 3 days late again. I just forgot to take them Saturday and didnt remember till Tues morning. Not much different.

CSA vs the Dragon (Natural Bridge 2014)Reenactments
[19-Mar-2014] Took all the 3 years olds, their older siblings and parents to Natural Bridge. The 3 year olds were convinced the guys were fighting a dragon from the moment the first cannon went off in the woods. There are very few pictures its hard to take them with Miles and Grimm on your lap.