The railroads are messing with meTrains
[08-Oct-2015] 2 trains yesterday just at 8am, just so I couldnt see either. Then nothing. Absolutely dead all day so dead i questioned if the software was working. 1 train at 3pm, garbled so I cant hear details but can understand what is going on so no numbers. Then dead again. Dead until 8pm. 9pm a train shoots out of the yard from no where. Go to Weems to see it despite the fact its dark. I get one photo, the train is 2 locomotives and one car, going full speed. He goes all the way out to Lee then onto the siding in what must have been record time.

A GFA train at 10 (other side of town no way to get to see it). Another train comes in from the west at 11, he get authorization to go through Tallahassee to Chaires. So back to Weems. The train however sits at the west end of the yard, and sits, and sits. I give up at 11:45 and go home. The train at Lee is now on the way back. The shunt him onto the Chaires siding at 12:45 presumably so the other train can go by. Which is still sitting on the west side of town. No radio calls from Chaires which is weird. Bed time. Leave the scanner and software on. At 3am get an alert that wakes me up of another eastbound. The others are gone. Logs say that the train on the west side of town sat there till 1:45, meanwhile the guy at Chaires also waited till he passed. Never heard anything on the scanner from anyone after 9pm.

Left everything at home today. They are clearly running most trains at night not during the day and I get mostly static during the day anyway. Might go sit closer to the yard tonight where I can hear.

Today was a failureTrains
[06-Oct-2015] Two trains this morning, just in time I couldnt see them because I had to go to work. They passed each other right at 8am in the yard. All I got on the scanner all day was static. Two more trains passed each other at 4pm so both were gone by the time work was over. Another northbound at 6:30. Waited till it was clear he was leaving the yard then went into town to see it. That was dumb. I went into town, he went out of it. Passed him and didnt see or hear him. He reached Chaires as I reached Cascades Park. Waste of time and gas. Just to rub their finger in it I passed a CSX roadrail truck on the way home. Almost 8pm nothing southbound at all.

Vastly improvedTrains
[05-Oct-2015] Vastly improved things for recording trains. There is now a Railfanning Log that lists all the trains I see/hear/pick up and links to photos if any. I have forms to easily submit new trains for myself.

Q601 messTrains, Trains
[04-Oct-2015] The software isnt perfect. setup and got an alert from it this afternoon that a train was coming west. Went a got Grimm and we watched it at Capitola. CSX 3014 w Boxcar log and CSX 5000 Diversity in Motion logo. Didnt catch the number. Dropped Grim off and went home.

At home started hearing calls from an engineer about problems. Well I can only hear the engineers if they are across the lake. Checked the software and it said Chaires was still occupied. I assumed it was the train we just saw had problems after we stopped watching. Went into town to see it again. Waited an hour with silence on the scanner and assumed the software was wrong and the transmission was a fluke. Of course thats when they started broadcasting again. Engineer was tired of waiting also. Got home ate and went back to town.

Met it a the Tallahassee station. Very slow and it pulled to a stop with 4 cars blocking Railroad Ave. By now I know its Q601 and not the train we saw earlier. I also keep hearing about Q609 and Q180. They eventually look at the problem coupling fix it. Decide its not so fixed and pull Q601 into the yard fully. I took a break assuming it would be a while before the next one. Long enough to get an internet connection. No trains on the line closer than Macclenny.

So where is Q609? Apparently it was right and I mean right behind Q601. I hear them give it permission to move, get in the car and drive a block to look down the street at the crossing its already going by.

Went home. No sign of Q180 (eastbound) in the software. And the one that was in Macclenny has vanished in a gap of no-reporting between there and Greenville.

Q601 has some sort of broken coupling. It was the train that this morning the first trains I saw had to look out for and pass. The crew on 601 tonight was actually a relief crew having been taken by taxi to Greenville. A taxi which apparently refused to pick up the old crew and left them in Greenville.

Photos are under the previous entry.

Update: 9pm. Something just got permission for Tallahassee SE (far side of town) moving east. Its probably Q180. I will hear it in a while pass Chaires and be sure.

ATCS successTrains
[04-Oct-2015] Got the software running and understand it now. Woke up this morning and saw 2 trains on it. One east of aucilla headed this way the other pulling into the Tallahassee yard. The westbound train had authority to come on to Tallahassee. Went back to sleep for about 45 min. Got up, westbound was between Monticello and Chaires. Drove down to Cascades Park with time to stop at McDonalds an caught it, only having to wait about 10 min. It was Q179 with UP 8992 in the lead. Some Tropicana cars in front then intermodels, lots of empty cars. 20 minutes later Q606 was released from the yard and passed the same spot. CSX 3030 in the lead, CSX 5006 following and about halfway through CSX 3111 was running also. Lots of car carriers and tanks.

I can hear the dispatcher and trains clearly from Cascades park and it has a decent view, with places to sit and wait also. As Q606 passed the dispatcher told him he would have to pull on to the siding at Greenville since there was a train further east coming. Something about in emergency and dropping a car.

Back home software isnt getting data from east of Aucilla (so wherever this other train is). Heard Q606 clear Chaires on the way home.

Q179 Q606

Scanner useless at homeTrains, Trains
[03-Oct-2015] Heard a train across the lake. Nothing on the scanner. Went outside and yea clearly a train. Few minutes later got the message that K922 reached SE Chaires. No way to see it.

Meanwhile jumped through the hoops to install ATCSmon which shows all the tracks from Jax to the far side of Tallahassee in near real time. Now just have to figure out what it is telling me. I see green for the train that just past here but not sure how it will tell me there are others. Maybe I should watch the video.

First identifiable trainPhotos, Trains
[03-Oct-2015] Got the scanner Thursday. At home I get mostly static. I can hear when they cleared Chaires SE, lot of got that does they are already headed away. Sat in town Fri night for a whole lot of nothing. Of course as soon as I went home two trains came through both headed east. Sat was working the bees on the Hill. Can hear the dispatcher clearly there. There is something wrong with the signalling coming across Lake Lafayette. Q606 was told to stop at Chaires SE then proceed. I left the apiary and caught it just as it started moving at Chaires.

RailfanningMain Page, Photos, Trains
[11-Sep-2015] Chasing trains for Grimm. I can hear train whistles from across the lake. Either the Road-to-the-lake crossing (east side) or the Sandler Ridge rd (west side). I cant tell which is which from home, or which way the train is heading. Got lucky today. Hear a whistle and went to Chaires Cross. Train was barely moving west at crossing, then stopped. Turned around and went to the other end of the lake to the Weems Rd crossing. Only had to wait about 5 min. Train was moving fast when it came through. 2 Union Pacific locomotives with empty well cars. Lead was #8416 second was #4509. Camera on phone is too slow.

Chased it across town hoping it would have to slow down. It did but I had to stop at every red light. Caught up with it at the Tallahassee rail yard. Got more pictures as it came to a stop just short of the yard end. It was waiting on another train going through the Mabry rd crossing entering from the other end of the yard. It was also not on the through track, the other train was. Watched it pass the Mabry rd crossing then went to follow the other train.

Caught the 2nd train at the Monroe St. over pass. 2 CSX locos and gondolas. Got some pictures but it was getting dark. Lead loco was 707, hard to tell in the almost dark no idea what the second was. Chased it back to Chaires Cross. Got there just a few minutes before and parked on north side. Defiantly dark now. Watched whole train. It had to more locos in the middle #3113 and #3026.

I have no idea what the train #s were. Need to work on that.

There are also photos of 2 locos that were in the rail yard on tuesday.


Bee continue to do what the shouldntBeekeeping
[13-Aug-2015] Checked on a weak hive I was sure was queenless. Nope she is there and started laying. While doing that a small swarm form somewhere else landed on the butterfly bush. Boxed it. it was way to small to make it. Added bees and frames from the other hives.

Century Link crapComputer/Web pages
[28-Jul-2015] Power went off to the dsl modem on Sat when I replaced a ceiling fan. It didn't come back up right. Internet at home is sporadic over seconds. Called CL last night, as normal level 1 script monkey cant help, but someone will call be back in 4 hours. So next morning no phone call. Still broken. DNS is failing for the domain. Moved the DNS to godaddy so I cant at least get email.