[01-May-2015] All I seem to do is paint. Paint miniatures, paint models, paint the house, paint the garden shed. Finished the first coat on the shed today. Tomorrow give it a coat of green. Its being attacked by carpenter bees and the paint should stop that. Of course if I had left the dead tree ten feet away they probably would have gone there instead but it was going to fall over one day and the wrong way.

Artificial SwarmsBooks
[20-Apr-2015] by Scudamore Edward
Beekeeping: 53 pages

The full title is Artificial Swarms. a Treatise On the Production of Early Swarms of Bees by Artificial Means; wherein is show the method of multiplying these useful insects and the means of taking honey without destroying the bees. Its from 1848. It describes how to do a split with skeps. Then how to transfer the bees from a skep to another in order to rob the honey from the hive and not kill the bees.

There is another 20 pages that is the book catalog of the publisher that is really useless.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

Bait hive captureBeekeeping
[16-Apr-2015] I have one bait hive at the house and check it almost daily. At worst every 2 days. Have not seen bees in it until today. A decent sized swarm that had drawn a lot of comb and already had capped brood so they have to have been there a week. The weather has been rainy is all i can come up with so they were inside. Put them in a box. Apparently didnt seal it well cause the were all over the mosquito net in the car. That got left on the Hill till I can get the bees off it in the daylight.

Decided to sell 3 more nucs and started calling about queens, good thing I didnt find any yet need a fourth now.

Clouded out EclipseAstronomy
[04-Apr-2015] Got up at 5am for the eclipse just as it entered the Penumbra (which you dont notice). Clouded over completely by 6am so I couldnt even see the moon. Didnt see anything, went back to bed. The total phase was only going to last about 5 minutes anyway but it could have at least waited to cloud over till I could see something.

Too many beesBeekeeping
[30-Mar-2015] Captured two more swarms at my house. The one on Sat was in the orange tree and disrupted plans to inspect the bees on the hill before game out there. Didnt see the queen but pretty sure she is in the box. Put it in a full size hive because of the size. Moved two nucs from the hill back to my house at midnight Sat.

Planned to move the captured swarm to the hill on Sun morning (closed it up late Sat night) but didnt do a good job closing it so couldnt move it. Went out there without them and inspected bees on the hill Sun morning. Two of the hives out there are usually very pissy and I think its the red ants that I see in the hive. Went to Lowes to get ant poison. So back to the hill a third time around lunch Sun. Come home and within an hour see another swarm land on the Sycamore tree. Capture them that was a pain. The fence line is uneven and they were spread on a horizontal branch larger than a box. Didnt see a queen here either but pretty sure I got her.

I have no idea where the bees are coming from. There are only two hives at my house raising queens. Orange billet it so small to throw of swarms the size of the ones Im catching. Red Fess might have done one of them, it seems weaker and there there are multiple emerged queen cells but it couldnt have done both. All the other hives have marked queens which I have seen.

Took box the new swarms out to the Hill last night after dark. Trip #4. Thinking about putting a hammock under grimms tree house so I have a place to sleep out there since Im there so often.

All this swarm capturing is keeping me from building the box I need to make up for the fact Im running out of usable equipment again. Total of 16 hives now. Will get rid of one tonight if it doesnt rain, selling the nuc.

Marcus Aurelius, A LifeBooks
[24-Mar-2015] by Frank McLynn
History: 684 pages

This could have been half the size and much better if it had focused on Marcus Aurelius instead of spending chapters on Fronto (his mentor) and comparing Marcus's stoicism to every other Stoic in the ancient and modern world.

Rating: 4 (out of 8)

The Worlds of Edgar Rice BurroughsBooks
[21-Mar-2015] by Mike Resnick ed.
Alternate Fantasy: 496 pages

A collection of short stories set in the various worlds of ERB, including a lot of obscure ones. It would help to reread ERBs stuff before this. A lot of them are very short and no where near complete, more like scenes in larger stories. Some stand out: Tarzan vs the Martians.

Rating: 5 (out of 8)

Bait hive captureBeekeeping
[18-Mar-2015] Bait hive at home had bees in it. Put them in a nuc and took to the hill late last night. I dont think it came from my bees, it definitely didn't come from the only full size hive at my house (Double Red Fess). There are some nucs it might have come from if it was a virgin queen but it was a quite large swarm to come from one of the nucs. That makes 14 hives. Running out of equipment (nucs in particular) again. Thought I solved that problem last year. Looking at getting some of the cardboard folding nucs just in case.

Yearly photosHouse
[15-Mar-2015] Done on time for a change. The trim on the front of the house is a brighter green. Started painting it and still need to do the back and sides. The dead tree along the fence line was removed.

Today was apparently ant mating day. At least a dozen nests all over the yard were spewing forth winged ants about 11-12am. Also there is a dead skeletalized possum near the back corner. Weeds are getting bad need to mow. Just started putting out tomatoes and peppers since it looks to stay warm. Its already in the mid 80s.

The Battle of Natural BridgeBooks
[10-Mar-2015] by Dale Cox
History: 236 pages

Started again 2 days before the reenactment. Didnt get very far in two days. Went back afterwards and looked up some of the generals.

Rating: 6 (out of 8)