Tent caterpillarsYear, Plants
[08-Sep-2014] Tent caterpillars are attacking my apple trees. Ive removed at least three groups so far and saw more this morning as I left the house. Its unusual, in past years they didnt touch the trees. I dont think the spraying, or lack of is the problem I usually stop spraying in June or July before the apple harvest.

A painless as is could beDragoncon
[04-Sep-2014] Hyatt rooms went on sale today, 2 days after con. Hilton is already sold out. 2 web browsers and calling the gold passport line. Website overloaded at 10:07 unable to complete to even get reservation pages. Girl on phone said they were sold out at 10:02, told her it wasnt possible. Checked again. Had issues with her her system confirming (with 247 rooms free), finally got it to confirm at 10:12. Ordered badge.

[19-Aug-2014] When I took the supers off in July to extract honey the hives were really strong. I added deeps with just foundation so they wouldnt swarm. Three of those hives have drawn out all the frames in the deeps, and stored nectar and honey in them. The queens have also filled some of the frames from wall to wall with brood. So much for nothing coming in in July and Aug in Florida.

Server ip changedComputer/Web pages
[14-Aug-2014] Server changed to a new IP address. They are shutting down the old connection. Everything seems to be working.

HoneygateBeekeeping, Plants
[01-Aug-2014] The new honeygate came in so I can bottle honey again. Found out why the bees haven't been at the pond, they discovered the pool at the end of the block. Fixed the blackberry trellis but the state is already coming out of the ground. Need to get real earth anchors and replace the stakes.

Botting honey issuesBeekeeping
[29-Jul-2014] Extracted over 100lbs of honey. Removed the last supers in the rain. Couldnt bottle. I decided to wash the plastic jars I had since they were sitting around for a year, and they aren't dishwasher safe. Had to wait a week for new jars. Got of of it bottled but was doing more last night and broke the honey gate on the bucket. Now I have to wait for a new one.

Blackberry trells brokePlants
[27-Jul-2014] One of the stakes for the blackberry trellis was going out of the ground. Pulled it out easily but when putting it back in at an angle the closet post broke off. Rotted at ground level, and that took the second post with it same problem. Replacing both.

[21-Jul-2014] Rented the extractor for Sat. Picked it up after work Friday which made it too late to do anything. Particularity since I forgot to remove the supers from the freezer and they were still frozen. Saturday was a miserable day. Removed more supers in the drizzling rain. Extracted from 10-2. Filled 2 buckets. Passed the extractor on and came home to find a very small swarm on a limb in the pasture. It couldnt be from one of my hives. Tried to catch it but they were having none of that, kept going back to the tree limb, gave up after an hour.

Next morning was clear and sunny watched the swarm for abut 3 hours. Put up a second bait hive. About 10:30 got bored and they stopped flying. It started raining about 11. They were still there after 5 (it stopped raining several hours before). Drove over into the pasture and dumped them in a bucket, this time was much better. Hived them nearby on my side of the fence. Saw the queen. Caged her because as small as the swarm was I added 2 frames of bees from one of the other hives an knew there would be fighting. Meanwhile so many bees were around the bait hive I took in down sure there was a swarm in it. No not yet but Ill check it again today.

Took the caught swarm to the hill.

Prehistoric LifeBooks
[12-Jul-2014] by Dorling Kindersley ed.
Science: 512 pages

Bought this so I knew more about dinosaurs for Cece. Will pass it on to her even though she cant read it yet. Has a list of 600 dinosaurs and a brief description in the back. Got tired of reading this species might not exist...

Rating: 4 (out of 8)

[11-Jul-2014] Seen several rainbows in the last month. One lasted long enough for me to drive from my house to Rons and show his kids.