New QueensBeekeeping
[05-Mar-2015] The new queens arrived yesterday, a day early. They are all marked and in the hives now. Green Chause is raising a queen from last years stock.

Splits and QueensBeekeeping
[02-Mar-2015] Did splits yesterday. Ordered queens from Honey land back in Jan. Was a little worried they werent coming since I had no heard from him even after i called last Thursday. He called just after work today and the new queens are coming Thursday. So that font interfere w bee college.

Fixed the pondBeekeeping
[16-Feb-2015] The vinyl tub for the pond that the bees get water from had a leak and some days would lose almost half its water. Drained it, vacuumed out the muck, pulled it out and fixed the leak then put it back in.

Spring plantingPlants
[27-Jan-2015] Started seeds indoors. Cherokee purple, some gold cherry tomatoes Miles picked out, Serranos, Datils, sweet bananas, a number of herbs (my stock is low). Three trays worth. There are no Jalepeno seeds and I tossed some old seeds that I never try and grow anyway.

Outside there are onions, broccoli, celery, and parsley. Most the beds are empty. Didnt do strawberries. Need to update maps badly.

Also put in seed strips of lettuce, carrots and radishes with Miles and Gibson. That filled one former strawberry bed.

Battletech minisGames
[27-Jan-2015] As of Sunday all 202 of the battletech miniatures are painted, not just primed but painted. So I promptly threw some into pinesol to clean the paint off. So far I have found 2 type that were built incorrectly; the three Owens and the two Vedette tanks. I have several missing pieces (Spider and Raven) and a lot that look like crap. And almost none of them have the mold lines cleaned up properly. The ones I started removing the paint from are the oldest ones that clearly have multiple coats on them and are round with no details.

Comet Lovejoy, Venus and MercuryAstronomy
[12-Jan-2015] When covering the plants for the cold last week noticed Venus, and Mercury low in the west. Got Gibson to see them both. Later tracked down Lovejoy C/2014 Q2. On the 7th it was an easy binocular object, by the 8th then the sky cleared up it was naked eye at my house. Brought Gibson out to see that also. Clouded over again late on the 8th so havent been able to look since.

USS Arizona modelMain Page
[05-Jan-2015] I have a model of the USS Arizona I built a long time ago, maybe as much as 30 years ago. Brought it to my house when I went home for Christmas to clean it up and fix it. It has a lot of problems.
  • Horrible painting. All of it done after assembly. Large parts unpainted or just wrongly painted.
  • The aft mast is leaning to one side.
  • Gaps between parts, particularly the 2 hull pieces and along the portholes.
  • Flash on lots of parts
  • Parts missing: a plane, a search light, the aft flag pole and crane.
  • Broken parts: one of the AA guns.

    I started repainting and ended up taking large parts of it apart. Thankfully the old glue in a lot of places just breaks with a little pressure. So far I have repainted the hull a duller red, and included a boot top (the black line). Repainted most everything proper colors above the boot top except the deck. Still in the process of painting but it looks much better. I have fixed a lot of the gaps on the fore mast. The upper decks are removed and when I glue them back they will have the gaps fixed also. Removed the aft mast (had to cut it off). It looks like I can straighten it but some of the gaps just arent going to be fixable.

  • Apple trees still brokenBeekeeping, Plants
    [02-Jan-2015] At least one of the apples are fully blooming already. The others will any day now. Hives were strong, and full of mites last weekend so expect swarming any time now.

    Gust FrontBooks

    Gust Front by .
    Sci-Fi: Military: 721 pages.
    Volume 2 in the series Legacy of Aldenata: Posleen War.

    Loaned the first book in the series to Harry. Started rereading the rest. I think Ringo is too down on how well we would do against an alien invasion we know is coming. There is a point were we get over attitude.

    Rating: 6 (out of 8)

    Yellow EyesBooks

    Yellow Eyes by .
    Sci-Fi: Military: 830 pages.
    Volume 2 in the series Legacy of Aldenata: Side Stories.

    This is the best of the series. The defense of Panama. Done mostly without Galactic tech except the updated USS Salem, Des Moines and Texas. Too bad Ringo only sees ships as mobile artillery.

    Rating: 7 (out of 8)