Bee continue to do what the shouldntBeekeeping
[13-Aug-2015] Checked on a weak hive I was sure was queenless. Nope she is there and started laying. While doing that a small swarm form somewhere else landed on the butterfly bush. Boxed it. it was way to small to make it. Added bees and frames from the other hives.

Century Link crapComputer/Web pages
[28-Jul-2015] Power went off to the dsl modem on Sat when I replaced a ceiling fan. It didn't come back up right. Internet at home is sporadic over seconds. Called CL last night, as normal level 1 script monkey cant help, but someone will call be back in 4 hours. So next morning no phone call. Still broken. DNS is failing for the domain. Moved the DNS to godaddy so I cant at least get email.

Morning RainbowsPhotos
[30-Jun-2015] Twice recently there have been rainbows in the morning on the way to work.

Misc bee photosBeekeeping
[30-Jun-2015] Hopguard results. Bait hive craziness. Rainbows. Palm tree blooms.

Hive insanityBeekeeping
[21-Jun-2015] It was hot today. Decided it wasn't worth inspecting in 95+ weather. At 5pm mowed the lawn. Drove by the bait hives (2), stored equipment and active hive multiple times nothing out of the ordinary. Bearding on the active hives but no activity on the bait hives or other equipment.

Finished that up and ate dinner waiting for it too cool down before weedwacking. Went back out at 7pm. Lots of activity on the stored equipment (one nuc in particular that had drawn comb in it) bees going in and out and doing what looks like orientation flights. Same at the bait hive bear by in the tree. Enough at the bait hive I'm convinced there is a swarm that has moved into it. While getting equipment together notice the same on the bait hive on the other side of the yard. Not as much but still. This can't be right. I can't all of a sudden have 3 swarms out there checking out my bait hives or moving into them in an hour.

Getting equipment together means going in the strongest hive and getting a frame of brood for the bees that are going to be removed from the bait hive to help settle them. Open the hive remove all 4 supers. Pull the first frame on the edge of the hive. There is an unmarked queen right there. That isn't right, I mark all my queens. Cage her. Put her off to the side. Next frame has my marked queen. Examine several more frames before taking one. There are no signs of queen cells.

By the time I turn around with the frame there are 50 or so bees all around the caged queen. I have no idea where she came from. Deal with that later. Put her inside the house. Pull down the bait hive. No swarm in it but bees still all over the place. Getting into anything that smells like comb or lemongrass (my bee toolbox, stored nucs, bait hives). Check the other bait hives/nucs same may be 25 or so bees in/around each but no swarm.

End up putting the unmarked caged queen in a nuc with the frame of brood and letting it sit out there. Its only attracted 100 or so bees. Activity around the other sites has stopped.

A week later the hive has accepted the caged queen. Still regular visits to the bait hive but no sign of anything moving in. No idea where the swarm actually went.

Lost a swarmBeekeeping
[15-Jun-2015] Inspected the hives at the house Friday. Or was missing bees and had queen cells, only one of which had been capped. Bait hive clearly had scout checking it out. Walked all around the neighborhood and couldnt find the swarm. They were still looking Sat morning before I left. On Sunday hoped they had move to the bait hive but it didnt appear they had. Scout activity was lower but saw at least one out there so something is still out there looking for a home.

More bees, less beesBeekeeping
[03-Jun-2015] Numbers of hives still continues to change. Requeened the captured swarm on the 23rd along with 2 more nucs that didnt have productive queens. Lost a hive. It was weak hive and I think ants got to it. It was alive on thursday, and dead on saturday. No adult bees, a number of them dead on the bottom, no uncapped larva but capped larva, eggs and a little pollen and nectar. Sold one nuc yesterday and the last one is spoken for for delivery later this week. Not quite sure how the guy buying it lost one hive already to SHB (a strong nuc I sold him) and lost the queen in the other one. Nectar flow is good again and has been for some time. Popcorn trees. Strong hive has 4 supers now. They drew out and filled 4 frames last week so they need the space. Out f equipment again. Painting 4 more supers.

Got the swarmBeekeeping
[20-May-2015] Some of the bees were still in the tree this morning but by this afternoon they had all moved into the box. Checked it, caged the queen and set it up to move after dark tonight. They are already drawing comb. Checked my hives that have queen issue, they didnt come from me.

Another swarm, maybe.Beekeeping
[19-May-2015] Noticed scout bees at the bait hive. Looked around the yard but didnt see anything. Went inside and left the door open to listen for a swarm flying. A few minutes later the neighbor across the came over and said and asked if I lost bees. There was a big swarm up in the tree. Way up in the tree, like 30 ft. Got stuff together. It was just low enough to stand on top the ladder with the pole saw and a bucket on the end and drop them. Dumped them in a hive. Let them settle and found the queen, grabbed her and was transferring her to my other hand when she flew off back to the cluster in the tree. Spent the next 2 hours dropping more, cutting limbs, trying to throw a rope over the limb and get the rest of the cluster into the box. Got a lot of them but not sure if the queen is in the box. Thunderstorms started so called it quits. Will check on the hive tomorrow, its still in the neighbors yard.

Mayhaw fruitedPlants
[12-May-2015] The mayhaw fruited. Its only got three fruits but it did fruit. They are seedy and taste like crap, clearly only good for jelly.