Water heaterHouse
[15-Dec-2014] Cold water input for the water heater was leaking. No threads connecting it to the wall side, welded copper pipe. Had to get a plumber to replace. Suspect its been leaking for a while just became noticeable. There was calcium build up around the leak.

Fry partyMain Page
[15-Dec-2014] 4 hours prep. 5 hours frying. Only used 2 pots of oil. Stupid people kept bringing boil to cook ravioli not fry to cook ravioli. Makes a crunchy dry noodle.

ColdBeekeeping, Plants
[20-Nov-2014] 22.8 night before last and 24.4 last night. The garden is clearly done for the year. Picked most the oranges (a crate full) and all the lemons (more than the oranges). The bananas mostly survived the previous freeze but they have no chance against this one. Will cut them down this weekend. Bees should have plenty of honey at this point might check them if it warms up, there is still some honey in the freezer and all of them have at least a super if not a deep of honey.

Good and bad palces to get stungBeekeeping
  • Friday: eyebrow, bad. swelled for 2 days and looks like you got punched in the face.
  • Tuesday: top of the head. unnoticeable an hour later.

    All the bees have been very pissy at both locations recently. The sting last night was from just walking up to the hives. Didnt even start to lite the smoker and one just popped me on the top of the head. Last week got stung 4 times on the arm before quitting for the day.

  • 2 QueensBeekeeping
    [13-Oct-2014] Gibson and I consolidate some hives this weekend. One of the hives that is no longer was the one with 2 queens. They were both on the same frame, same side this time so took some photos. The marked one is easy. The other one is generally to the left of that one.

    Dead and weak hivesBeekeeping
    [09-Oct-2014] Because Ive been sick its been over a month since I checked on the bees at the hill, or at home. The home bees are fine. The ones on the hill are not so good. Once hive was dead (Bend). I think it might have starved before the fall flowers started blooming. It was very strong a month ago. Dead bees on screened bottom board, capped brood clearly eaten out by ants, no sign of sliming from SHB, the hive even had a super on it. A second (Per bend Argent and Or)is very weak, barely using 2 frames. It has 2 queens however one marked and one not. It had been trying to produce queen cells back in August but I guess they decided not to to off the old queen when a new one was produced. Neither are laying very well. The final hive (Azure a fess) is also weak it still has the queen from a month ago she isnt very productive. Im going to combine these two hives with others this weekend they arent worth trying to save this late in the year. Both of these hive were late captured swarms. One good thing. Green Chevron seems to have cleared up its white bee problem. I started feeding it Fumagelin back in august but stopped because I was sick. The one dose seems to have improved it.

    No eclipseAstronomy
    [08-Oct-2014] Didnt make a lot of effort to see the eclipse, pre-dawn is bad. That was ok since it was fogged out completely anyway.

    Tent caterpillarsYear, Plants
    [08-Sep-2014] Tent caterpillars are attacking my apple trees. Ive removed at least three groups so far and saw more this morning as I left the house. Its unusual, in past years they didnt touch the trees. I dont think the spraying, or lack of is the problem I usually stop spraying in June or July before the apple harvest.

    A painless as is could beDragoncon
    [04-Sep-2014] Hyatt rooms went on sale today, 2 days after con. Hilton is already sold out. 2 web browsers and calling the gold passport line. Website overloaded at 10:07 unable to complete to even get reservation pages. Girl on phone said they were sold out at 10:02, told her it wasnt possible. Checked again. Had issues with her her system confirming (with 247 rooms free), finally got it to confirm at 10:12. Ordered badge.

    [19-Aug-2014] When I took the supers off in July to extract honey the hives were really strong. I added deeps with just foundation so they wouldnt swarm. Three of those hives have drawn out all the frames in the deeps, and stored nectar and honey in them. The queens have also filled some of the frames from wall to wall with brood. So much for nothing coming in in July and Aug in Florida.