Bait hive captureBeekeeping
[18-Mar-2015] Bait hive at home had bees in it. Put them in a nuc and took to the hill late last night. I dont think it came from my bees, it definitely didn't come from the only full size hive at my house (Double Red Fess). There are some nucs it might have come from if it was a virgin queen but it was a quite large swarm to come from one of the nucs. That makes 14 hives. Running out of equipment (nucs in particular) again. Thought I solved that problem last year. Looking at getting some of the cardboard folding nucs just in case.

Yearly photosHouse
[15-Mar-2015] Done on time for a change. The trim on the front of the house is a brighter green. Started painting it and still need to do the back and sides. The dead tree along the fence line was removed.

Today was apparently ant mating day. At least a dozen nests all over the yard were spewing forth winged ants about 11-12am. Also there is a dead skeletalized possum near the back corner. Weeds are getting bad need to mow. Just started putting out tomatoes and peppers since it looks to stay warm. Its already in the mid 80s.

Queen updatesBeekeeping
[09-Mar-2015] Checked on the hives to make sure the queens were released. Looks like 4 of the 5 on the hill were accepted. Came back home and numbers were not so good. Only 2 looked good without problems. The third I found the queen piping, she was going around removing queen cells, so I helped her. That one should take fine. Two others had no sign of the new queen. As I wrapped up I found out why, there was a swarm hanging on the orange tree. Caught it, it had one of my marked queens in it. Then had to drive back out to the hill. 4 hours dealing with bees on Sunday.

This was after bee college on Fri and Sat. so the whole weekend has been bees.

Natural Bridge 2015Reenactments
[09-Mar-2015] Got there early because I expected large crowds, it was the 150th. Turn out was not that heavy however. They did let us in the gates about the time the ceremony at the monument started. That was nice but it did mean we had to sit in the sun through the hour long safety checks.

New QueensBeekeeping
[05-Mar-2015] The new queens arrived yesterday, a day early. They are all marked and in the hives now. Green Chause is raising a queen from last years stock.

Splits and QueensBeekeeping
[02-Mar-2015] Did splits yesterday. Ordered queens from Honey land back in Jan. Was a little worried they werent coming since I had no heard from him even after i called last Thursday. He called just after work today and the new queens are coming Thursday. So that font interfere w bee college.

Fixed the pondBeekeeping
[16-Feb-2015] The vinyl tub for the pond that the bees get water from had a leak and some days would lose almost half its water. Drained it, vacuumed out the muck, pulled it out and fixed the leak then put it back in.

Spring plantingPlants
[27-Jan-2015] Started seeds indoors. Cherokee purple, some gold cherry tomatoes Miles picked out, Serranos, Datils, sweet bananas, a number of herbs (my stock is low). Three trays worth. There are no Jalepeno seeds and I tossed some old seeds that I never try and grow anyway.

Outside there are onions, broccoli, celery, and parsley. Most the beds are empty. Didnt do strawberries. Need to update maps badly.

Also put in seed strips of lettuce, carrots and radishes with Miles and Gibson. That filled one former strawberry bed.

Battletech minisGames
[27-Jan-2015] As of Sunday all 202 of the battletech miniatures are painted, not just primed but painted. So I promptly threw some into pinesol to clean the paint off. So far I have found 2 type that were built incorrectly; the three Owens and the two Vedette tanks. I have several missing pieces (Spider and Raven) and a lot that look like crap. And almost none of them have the mold lines cleaned up properly. The ones I started removing the paint from are the oldest ones that clearly have multiple coats on them and are round with no details.

Comet Lovejoy, Venus and MercuryAstronomy
[12-Jan-2015] When covering the plants for the cold last week noticed Venus, and Mercury low in the west. Got Gibson to see them both. Later tracked down Lovejoy C/2014 Q2. On the 7th it was an easy binocular object, by the 8th then the sky cleared up it was naked eye at my house. Brought Gibson out to see that also. Clouded over again late on the 8th so havent been able to look since.